Burger joint


All our burgers come with a side of fries

The Classic __ €12

Spiced veal burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and salad

The Veggie __ €12

Veggie burger with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and salad

The Lamb __ €13

Lamb burger with sautéed chicory, chilli flakes and local “primo sale” sheep’s cheese

The Pastrami __ €13

Veal brisket burger with our BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese

Pork Gua Bao__ €13

Soft steamed bun with sweet and sour pork belly, onion, sesame seeds and salad

Pulled Pork __ €13

Pulled pork with our BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and coleslaw salad in a milk bread bun Octopus Bomb Octopus, potatoes, bufala mozzarella and celery curls in a milk bread bun

Octopus Bomb __ €13

Milk sandwich filled with octopus, potatoes, buffalo mozzarella and celery curls

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