Tuscania and the surroundings

What to see in Tuscania and its surroundings

You have arrived in Tuscia and now you might be wondering what’s there to see in Tuscania? Here is a brief guide to the unmissable wonders of the town. Known in he ancient times by the name of Toscanella, the town has always had a strategic role in the valley between the river Marta and the Capecchio. Its proximity to Rome (less than 100 km away) makes the town the perfect getaway from the busy capital city.

What is Tuscania famous for? Tuscania’s old town is full of religious and historic buildings. It hides a necropolis and is famous for the colours and textures of the tuff rock, from which it was built. There are several unmissable sights:

  • The church of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in the 12th century, a great example of Romanesque architecture in the Lazio region;
  • Belvedere park and the Lavello Tower, where you can see one of the most amazing views in the whole Lazio region;
  • The church of Santa Maria della Rosa;
  • The San Pietro basilica, at the top of the hill where the ancient Etruscan citadel was based, built around the 11th century and without a doubt one the town’s beautiful sights;
  • The National Archaeological Museum of Tuscania;
  • The “fontana delle sette cannelle” (the fountain of the seven small pipes), the most ancient in the town, dating back to the Etruscan-Roman period;
  • The Necropolis of Madonna d'Olivo, about 2 km from Tuscania, where you can visit the Queen’s tomb and the Amazons’ sarcophagi;
  • The Necropolis of Peschiera;
  • The Necropolis of Ara del Tufo;
  • The Necropolis of Pian di Mola;
  • Tuscania’s lavender fields. We suggest that you visit between May and June when they are in full bloom.

The town offers a plethora of attractions and beautiful sights. Are you wondering how long it will take you to visit Tuscania? One day will be enough to visit it and enjoy its wonders. Once your visit comes to an end, we will be more than happy to welcome you at Cichi’s Ristobistrot.

What not to miss in Tuscia

Tuscia is full of attractions and fascinating medieval towns along the way to bigger cities. You might want to check out:

  • Viterbo, a charming, medieval city;
  • Vitorchiano, the only place in the world, other than Easter Island, where you can see a Moai! And let’s not forget the lovely botanical gardens, you won’t want to miss them if you love peonies;
  • Bomarzo, the town is lovely and you cannot miss the world famous Park of Monsters;
  • Vulci Archaeological Park, a lovely walk into architectonic beauty and local fauna;
  • Valle del Treja Regional Park, where you can appreciate uncontaminated nature and the purest air;
  • The Saline di Tarquinia Nature Reserve;
  • The Natural Monument of Sasseto Wood, at the foot of the Torre Alfina Castle, an enchanted forest known around the region;
  • Lake Bolsena, an oasis of peace and nature.
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    fabio ma
    Murilo Ruffato
    Murilo Ruffato
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    Antonella Vicini
    New place out of the old town. Great cocktails accompanied by tasty tapas. The new dishes are extremely yummy. Next time I will definitely have duck
    Carlo Rinaldi
    Carlo Rinaldi
    We stopped in Tuscania on the way to Naples to find the most picturesque Italian borgo, which was a delight to explore. We stopped with kids (5 and 9y) for dinner at Cichi’s, just a few minutes from the stunning Parco Torre di Lavello and ladies and gentlemen we may have found our favourite Italian restaurant! The kids had a gourmet burger and we had a full culinary experience from uovo barzotto, pan-fried shrimps, octopus extravaganza to ricotta with chocolate crumbs and amazing white wine. Find this place before everyone else does!
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    Sergio Bogazzi
    Amazing and delicious dishes! Wait staff is very responsive. Highly recommended if you are in Tuscania !
    Elad Bachar
    Elad Bachar
    The best place to eat in Tuscania. You must try the shrimps. Just wow We took a table outside, grab bottle of wine for only 20euros and from there everything went so fabulous. The team were so professional, the food were excellent and the dessert at the end closed everything with big smile. There are 33 restaurants in Tuscania and this is the one you should choose.
    Laurie Callaway Brizi
    Laurie Callaway Brizi
    Excellent burgers, rare to find in Italy. Amazing wine list, wonderful staff, and beautiful restaurant overall. We live nearby and this is a new favorite!
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